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  • Valtech in Flight
  • Valtech Exploding
  • Valtech exploding from a 3rd person view

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The Valtech Concussion Bomb, or F-Bomb, is a bomb possessed by all classes. Though no longer in the game, the shatter bomb and concussion bomb both have similarities to the Valtech. At the beginning of the round, you start with 3. You can pick up more F-bombs from the floating purple bomb icons on the map if you have less than the cap, 3.

F-bombs will explode on contact with players, supressors, or the map. The bomb does damage to enemies, and yourself, if you are too close. The bomb also has a large knockback.

The F bomb's damage will vary depending on what class the target is.

  • Tanks: 137 Damage to health, Damage to shield untested
  • Scouts: 106 Damage to health, Damage to shield untested
  • Techs: 93 Damage to health, Damage to shield untested
  • Gunner: 87 Damage to health, Damage to shield untested

Tips and TricksEdit

  • Firing a Valtech Concussion Bomb onto the middle of a large group of enemies is a great way to quickly scatter them, which often leads to less teamwork for a short time after
  • Having others on your team assist you, and firing multiple bombs onto the point is a good way to clear it out, and to give your Techs time to set up their Supressors, and your Tanks time to hunker down on point

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