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    Crest's two cents

    September 28, 2013 by Crestmage

    Yo community! (Wikians, forum-ers, gamers, google-ers) This is Crestmage, or just Crest. It's a bit arrogant of me to put my name up as the title, but well, it's my blog. It obviously wouldn't be appropriate if I went and put someone else's. 

    So this is my twocents blog, which basically is a place where i give my two cents. -.- 

    I love this game. Ever since from the start it came out as Beta, I've loved it. It's like McDonalds for me. For those that aren't too sure what this game is about, it's: 

    I'll start with what I love about the game. I'll give it some points:

    1. It's an action game. Who doesn't like action games? :o 

    2. There's never a boring moment. Unlike back in beta, the playerbase now is not as small. There are always matches around,…

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