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The Tech is essentially the "engineer" class of FreeFall Tournament, with his ability to place down defensive Suppressors with his Ultimate, which act as automated turrets. His Melee was a simple melee kick which threw back enemies and dealt minimal damage, though it has been updated to be an AoE heal on moderate cooldown. His default primary weapon is the Pulser, a gun which fires slow bullets that bounce off inert surfaces, and his default secondary is the Repair Beam which replenishes the health of allied players and suppressors. He has moderate health and is generally more defensive with his Suppressors and Repair Beam.




Ultimate (Q): SuppressorEdit

Supressor Icon

The Tech's ultimate ability allows him to place a Suppressor which can be upgraded up to level 3. Level 1 Suppresors cannot be moved, but a level 2 or 3 Suppressor can be moved from one spot to another by pressing Q again. Once the Suppresor has reached level 3, using the Tech's Q within its range will cause it to emit a EMP shockwave which deals high AoE damage. While the Suppressoris locked on to an enemy, it gives them the Suppressed debuff. This debuff greatly increases cooldown times which can be deadly to a tank, and slows movement (effect increases by Suppressor Level).

Melee (E): Nano HealEdit

Nano Surge 
Screen shot 2013-09-28 at 8.56.45 PM

Updated Photo

FFT wikia 3

The tech's 'nano heal' ability

The tech's melee is now Nano Surge (which used to be its repair beam's R ability). The nano surge has a 10m AoE 100HP heal with a 30 sec cooldown. It is used most effectively when in a large battle with your team mates on low HP.

Previous Melee (E): Standard KickEdit

Standard Kick

The Standard Kick

Standard Copter Kick Icon

The Tech's melee has no cooldown, and does less damage than the Pulser. When aiming for max DPS a tech will avoid using his melee, but it has a short knockback (the enemy can still fire their gun), which can be very useful in 1v1s.

  • Damage: Unknown
  • On shield: Unknown
  • Normal: 30
  • Crictical: 60
  • On armour: 25
  • Critical: 50


Freefall Tournament - Tech Class00:39

Freefall Tournament - Tech Class

Gallery Edit

The full image gallery for Tech may be viewed at Gallery.

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