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The Tank is the heaviest class in FreeFall Tournament, with the highest health of any class in the
Tank 2

Tank's old look

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Tank's new look

game. His default primary is the Heavy Machinegun, and the huge Blitzkrieg Mauler as his default secondary which can be defensive also, granting a front shield. His Ultimate activates the Neutron Shell which temporarily grants him immunity from all incoming damage. His Melee makes him charge with his shoulder and melee his opponents. He lives up to his namesake, specializing in taking and surviving damage. He can also return the favor to enemies with his the powerful melee strikes of his mauler and the large rounds of his heavy machine gun, as well as his other powerful weapons. Due to  his weight, his jetpack is a special, charged jetpack which is in effect, more of a huge leap then a jetpack.The Tank, with his high health, and heavy damage, is good at diving into the center of the fray. With the slowest speed of any class in the game, the tank is used to methodically drive the enemies away, while the swifter classes finish them off.

A quick tip is that the tank can be slightly slow so you should use all jump platforms and make sure to use your gravity boots to slide when coming down from a high height (by pressing shift you can propel yourself downward and you can slide if you hold it down when you get to the bottom).


Tanks newer look


Heavy MachinegunEdit

Heavy Machinegun
High caliber machinegun perfect for pounding foes in close or medium range.

Alt-fire: Engages target-locking and aimed burst fire mode.

Blitzkrieg MaulerEdit

Blitzkrieg Mauler
Hi-tech baryonic bludgeon for dominating close quarters engagements. 'Reloading' performs a massive ground slam that also produces a short range shock wave. When using the blitzkrieg mauler hit R on your keyboard . 

(Note: when performing the ground slam make sure the enemy is either just below you or on the same level for maximum chance of hitting.)

Alt-fire: Arm mounted nullification buckler shield that can resist virtually any attack. Lock onto any enemy with the Blitzkrieg Mauler and you'll activate a round shield shield made of blue enemy on your arm that blocks attacks without you taking damage. It has a cool down up to 100% so don't keep it active all the time. When the shield is close to 100% it changes from pure blue to reddish then completely red.

This weapon stuns the enemy only when it is hitting their health not the shield.


Ultimate (Q): Neutron ShellEdit

  • The Neutron Shell, with more than 1/4 the duration left
  • The Neutron Shell, as it just crosses over to 1/4 duration remaining.
  • The Comet Rush

Neutron Shell Icon

The Neutron Shell is an ability which makes the tank immune to damage for a maximum of 8 seconds. It starts off a light blue color as shown below and when it has 1/4 it's duration remaining, it will change to a red color. Just before the Neutron Shell (bubble) breaks, it will be reduced to nothing more than a faint white corona. The time duration of the neutron shell is reduced by incoming damage and most debuffs will affect the tank through the shield. And debuffs from the Bomber, Blazer, and Assassin is nullified once his shell is applied.

Melee (E): Comet RushEdit

Comet Rush Icon

Comet rush is one of the most useful melee skills in the game as it greatly increases the Tank's agility, and can also pack a punch, in addition to having a 6 second cooldown. When an enemy is hit by comet rush, they are temporarily knocked over, allowing the Tank to rack up damage/begin stunning with the Blitzkrieg Mauler. An extremely useful tip is to use the Comet Rush as more of a traveling weapon due to the Tank's slow speed. It also helps you get power-ups more easily by aiming the Comet Rush at it.

Bomb Type (F) : Concussion BombEdit

Concussion Bomb

This is a Bomb which enables the tank to hit numerous enemies within a small radius with a possibility of stunning them for a short period, great for assaulting the capture point and assists in capturing fleeing opponents. Combine this with the Mauler stun and the Comet Rush and your enemy won't have have a fighting chance, literally ;). 


<a href="./File:Freefall_Tournament_-_Tank">
Freefall Tournament - Tank00:39

Freefall Tournament - Tank

<a href="./File:Tank_Class_(Freefall_Tournament)">
Tank Class (Freefall Tournament)00:29

Tank Class (Freefall Tournament)

Freefall- Tournament - 77 Kill Streak41:23

Freefall- Tournament - 77 Kill Streak


Tank with hammer and shield Tank panzer
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