Restocks 1 f-bomb

Freefall Tournament Playing Crazy and Jump Requisition Trolling XD

Freefall Tournament Playing Crazy and Jump Requisition Trolling XD

Requisition PointsEdit

Requisition points are earned during a match every 5 seconds.

They can be used to shorten your respawn or to deploy special items, like the ammo requisition, which deploys a bomb, that can be picked up by your own and the enemy team.

Those items can be purchased in the shop for 50 kreds each or 50 slugs. The faster respawn is useable without spending money on it.

In the shop is a boost which doubles the RP you earn during a match.

The amount of RP needed depends on the used item.

The max limit for RP is 100.

Price of requisition uses

10 RP: ammo requisition (restocks 1 f-bomb)

10 RP: jump requisition (deploys a jump pad that's throwing your and the enemy`s team into the air if they step over it)

20 RP: health requisition (deploys a health pack that restores your health points)

25 RP: faster respawn (shortens your respawn by 5 seconds)

60 RP: damage requisition (deploys a mega damage pickup which doubles the damage you do for a short time)

Tips for requisitionEdit


The ammo requisition is a must-have for shocker`s, because they can place more bombs in and outside their aegis to increase their endurance.

Tank, Blaster & Commando

Using the health or damage requisition will make it possible to clearing the Control point from the whole enemy team alone and controlling it for a long time.


The damage requisition mutates this into a unstoppable killing machine, killing everything in close quarters and eating tanks like a sandwich.

Scout, Assassin & Bomber

Ammo requisition will make you do a permanent debuff on the Control point, making it impossible for the enemy team to stay alive. Damage requisition is a good choice too.