Maps are the location and environment where battles are waged, won, and lost. Each map has class(es) which have an easier time playing on them, because the layout of the map gives the class(es) an advantage. There are currently three maps, with no confirmation as to when and if more maps will be released.

Shuttle Bay was the game's first map, and is often a favorite of the veteran players. The game mode for this map is King Of The Hill 

The game's second map, Moonbase was released on the 19th of June, 2012, as a part of the 6th update of the game. The game mode for Moonbase is Control Point Scramble

A Third map, the Training Arena was released on the -- of September 2012, it includes exciting new features such as new gravity, mega damage and sniper towers. The game mode for this map is Team Deathmatch. A second version of Training Arena, modified for Control Point Scramble, was released with the graphics update.

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